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Entries are accepted till 15 Dec 2020.

Know about iWrite Competition

What is iWRITE?

iWRITE is the International Handwriting Competition in two Languages, English & Arabic. Competition is classified into two categories; School and General Category. It is freely open to all from anywhere in the World to submit their entries online in our website. Participants are requested to write the same quote published by us every year in our website.

Why Handwriting?

Research proves that those who take notes by hand actually remember more of the information than those who don’t, so it’s a milestone for brain-building & learning. Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, learning, and intellect will be judged. Writing exercises for your emotional control & motor skills, also a collection of links around your brain called the “reading circuit”.


  • Encourage Handwriting
  • Uphold Arabic
  • Celebrate English
  • Educate public about UAE & its great leaders.
  • Corporate Educational Responsibility

Benefits of Writing

  • It’s better for learning.
  • Fully engages your brain.
  • Calms the body and nerves.
  • Unleashes creativity.
  • It will prevent you from being distracted

How to Participate

Steps to Follow

1. Quote

Select any one quote in English and Arabic in order to write and submit your entry to the handwriting competition.

2. Write

Write on only one side of a lined or unlined A4 paper using blue or black ink with Ballpoint pen, Fountain pen, felt/fiber or tip marker in complete entry.

3. Scan

Take a picture or Scan your written copy in the file format which should be in the form of GIF, JPG or PNG file.

4. Upload

You can upload both languages in separate file where an entrant can make one entry for English and one entry for Arabic.

Find more details about the competition in Rules & Regulations


Categories of iWrite

School Category

Schools, round the globe can be part of this competition. All School students can make their entries into both the languages, either online or offline to take part in the Handwriting Competition. Participants have to read the Rules and Regulations and write the quote published in the website. He/she can submit only one entry in both languages. School Category is classified into 12 groups as per their grades which will have winners in each grade for both the languages separately.

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9
Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12

General Category

General Category is open to everyone who is not a School Student. It consists of college students, employees, etc whoever wishes to be a part of the initiative. Participants can submit their entries online in our website. Offline submission can be made through Organizations. Organizations can register Free as a group event and submit their entries to Students Factory. General Category will have winners in each age group for both languages separately.

3 Age Groups

1. Teens (Out of School / Ages 17 through 23)

2. Adults (Ages 24 through 64)

3. Seniors (Ages 65 and above)

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