Rules & Regulations
iWRITE Handwriting Competition

The iWRITE HANDWRITING COMPETITION is conducted by Students Factory and is being adjudged by its Judging panel. iWRITE accepts entries from anywhere in the world till 15 Dec 2020.

Finalists shall be intimated about the date and venue of the Grand Finale accordingly and the prize distribution will be conducted by the Students Factory.

iWRITE HANDWRITING COMPETITION happens in two Languages:

1. ENGLISH HANDWRITING - looks for legibility, speed, and flow without aiming at the calligraphic style.

2. ARABIC HANDWRITING - looks for legibility, speed, and flow without aiming at the calligraphic style.

For Both Languages iWRITE HANDWRITING COMPETITION is conducted in two categories shown as below:

1. School

2. General



Every Schools round the globe can be part of this competition. All School Students can make their entries either online or offline to take part in the Handwriting Competition. Participants have to read the Rules and regulations beforehand and write the quote published in the website. He/she can only submit one entry for both the languages. School Category is classified into 12 groups as per their grades which will have separate winners for each grade in both the languages.

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Class 7

Class 8

Class 9

Class 10

Class 11

Class 12

  • Schools can make arrangements with Students Factory to conduct competition at their School premises.
  • UAE Students, whose School doesn’t participate can register online to make arrangements for iWRITE participation.
  • Students outside UAE should Write, Scan & Upload their entry as early as possible into iWRITE website.
  • iWRITE will have three winners in each Grade for both the languages with the corresponding prizes.
  • The final decision on grouping of each participant is always vested with the judges.


Anyone who’s not a School student can participate in the General Category of iWRITE Handwriting Competition under the following:

i. Write, Scan & Upload your entry as early as possible into our website

ii. Also you can drop your entry at outlets mentioned in our website

iii. Companies/Organizations can contact Students Factory to organize this event for their employees or members as part of their Employee Engagement Program.

iWRITE will award three winners with prizes in each group for both the Languages. The final decision on grouping of each participant is always vested with the judges.


A participant should send only one entry for English and one entry for Arabic to keep the contest open to the greatest possible number of participants. In order to avoid extra work for our judges, Students Factory will disqualify such participants who had send more than one entry in a language.


We provide separate quotes for participants to write in English and Arabic. They should write the complete quote given in the website.

a. Read, Write and submit the quote.

b. Entries in both languages should be submitted separately

c. Please do not add additional material/matter within your entry.

d. Use either lined or unlined paper, 8.5 x 11 inches or A4 size.

e. Use any of the following writing instruments: Ballpoint pen, fountain pen, felt/fiber or tip marker.

f. Use the same writing instrument throughout the entry.

g. Please use only black/blue ink to write and white or light-colored paper without any print/pictures/decorations.

h. The written quote must fit on the front side of ONE sheet of the paper. Allow at least a half inch margin on all sides of the quote.

i. DO NOT make visible erasures cross-outs/cover- ups/whiting out; it will count more heavily against your work than the original errors themselves. So, start over again and send a fresh entry out of mistakes, erasures, cross out and white outs.

Competition judges will evaluate entries based on each entry's demonstrated

LEGIBILITY (how easily we can read the writing),

FLOW (the smoothness, grace, and flow of the writing),

COMPETENCE (the choice of layout and margins; spacing between letters, words, and lines; consistency of letter size and forms; accuracy of the quote; neatness and general appearance; spelling; and whether the participant strove to follow the letter and spirit of the Contest rules).

iWRITE upholds that different styles exist — nice handwriting may take many forms —and that a winning penmanship can harmoniously combine the influences of more than one style of handwriting.

iWRITE does not consider an entry written in any particular style or type as inherently "better" or "more mature" or "more desirable" than an entry of equal quality written in some other style (or written in a personal style which harmoniously combines the influences of more than one style or method of writing).

iWRITE does not need cent percent joining, use of loops on letter-stems, particular letter-formations for capitals, etc. in any handwriting entries.

iWRITE does not require or prefer a particular size or slant of writing, or a particular type or shape of stroke.

Generally, iWRITE does not require or prefer handwriting to adhere to any specific style of writing. An entry that follows a given handwriting-method does not receive "extra credit" over an equally high-quality entry which shows a "mixed" influence, and/or which otherwise departs from one or more particulars of a taught system of penmanship.

iWRITE does expect easily legible, flowing writing whose slant (if any), size, spacing, and overall rhythm remain reasonably consistent throughout.

The judges may disallow any entry whose quality does not meet the quality standards for winning a prize, even if there are no other entries in that section.


Email :

Contact : 00971526886343, 00971528528064


All entries (handwritten copy-quotes in your handwriting) must go to the officials of iWRITE Handwriting Competition. You can drop your entries at the participating outlets below.


Handwritten entries may be submitted by scanning it and uploading it into the Students Factory website Instructions as shown in the website are meant to be followed. Only one entry in one language may be done by an participant, if more than one entry is submitted, all the entries shall be rejected. The scanned copy must have the written quote. The file format should be in the form of GIF, JPG, or PNG file.

All entries become the property of Students Factory. Students Factory will not return submitted entries and shall have the complete copyright to use/publish the same.

Happy Writing!