Students Factory

Students Factory is a largest and longest running Educational Promotion. Students Factory helps to improve the English lingua to the international level by learning new concepts & developing correct usage with the post modern competitive level. We impart our linguistics expertise to provide the highest quality of educational programs to the global educational sector. Students Factory further adds its value with Professional/Corporate Training & Development, Team building sessions, Learning applications & CER initiatives. Our purpose is to inspire the students of today and yesterday for a better tomorrow.

Reading OjO

A unique gaming App developed to inspire the reading habit through a competitive spirit. “OjO” as in Reading OjO refers to the eye which is keen to read. The motive of Reading OjO is to persuade every eye ready to read, read and read.

Reading OjO is all about creating a fun habit through the convergence of Technology, Academics, Gamification and General Knowledge.

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iWRITE is a free International Handwriting Competition in English & Arabic held annually for the School/University Students & General Public in connection with the World Handwriting Day . iWRITE 2019 was on the theme, “Year of Tolerance” & iWRITE 2020 is on "COVID-19 Protection". It aims to persuade the generation next to follow the writing habit & conceive a social message for the welfare of the society.

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"Tajneed- the capsule learning moves” is a Sheikh Hamdan Award winning initiative for transforming the School Bus Monitors & Drivers. Tajneed is a short capsule self -development training session happening once in every week at Schools conducted by Student Ambassadors and Volunteers with the support of Guest Speakers and Tajneed Trainers.

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Be a Social Soldier

“Be a Social Soldier” is an appealing social relevant talk show created & hosted by Students Factory. It’s a social broadcast, first of its kind for the students to connect with the unsung social heroes in an interaction platform. This Voluntary initiative inspires the students to do volunteering and persuades to serve humanity from their younger age.

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Talk Masters

Talk-Masters is a learn-by-do English language workshop for professionals to develop and improve their public speaking and presentation skills. It's bi-weekly sessions renders a reciprocally assistive atmosphere whereby all participants get the opportunity of developing and experiencing oral communication the ability of leadership, resulting in increased self-reliance and personal development.

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Training Machine

Training Machine catalyzes excellence. It’s the dais for consulting, speaking, training and coaching with a motive to help ignite one’s passion into their profession. Armed with knowledge, skills, abilities & other traits derived from decades of corporate experience & valuable training expertise.

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